Any individual who would like to join the Brewing Engineers Association must be a practising engineer in full-time employment with a recognised brewer or brewing company.

Cost:- The current membership is £55; this is reviewed at our AGM in April.

Meetings:- We have 4 meetings per year at various members’ facilities around the UK. The day can be varied and is arranged by the host of the day. During the morning we would normally have a tour of the facility followed by a technical presentation either from a specialist or supplier.

We have had presentation on: -

After lunch the membership would break up into their function groups. At the end of the day we would then reconvene and hold the main BEA meeting.

Technical Day:- Once per year we hold a Technical Day, the function groups take it in turn to arrange the event. It has over the last few years been held at Bretby Conference Centre just outside Burton-on-Trent. The event is open to all parties’ not just engineers.

Annual Dinner:- Each year we hold a black tie dinner usually hosted by one of our members companies and as we all know behind each busy engineer there is a partner that puts up with us working weekends and long hours, this dinner is a little way towards our members saying thanks.

Technical Visits:- The Association attempts to arrange technical visit every couple of years. We visit equipment manufactures, suppliers and if possible other Breweries. The last couple of visits have included a visit to the brand new Grolsch Enschede in Holland, a visit to Ocme Parma and SIG Simonazzi facilities in Parma. Last year we went to Switzerland and visited Endress & Hausers manufacturing, calibration and reserch laboratory's at each location we were given a tour of the facility.

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